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How To Leverage Your Business Through The Art Of Copywriting

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Physical stores are disappearing. There’s no way we can stop this from happening. Digital businesses are taking over the brick-and-mortar due to the small amount of money you need to start your own one.

Will retail stores still exist by 2030?.. 2040? There’s no way to find out.

But there’s a thing that has always been crucial to both physical and digital businesses. It’s what makes you wear what you wear, do what you do, and buy what you buy, making you feel that it was your idea to do so.

Sounds creepy, right? Yet, it’s more than just marketing. It’s about something more specific.

It’s the art of selling through the written word.

It’s Copywriting.

We’re surrounded by it the whole time, let it be...


TV Commercials

Search Engines

Social Media


Etc, etc.

All of them are filled with copy, copy, and more copy. Even this article has a lot of copy into it.

Believe it or not, this skill is what makes our subconscious mind think we need a new cell phone every year, a do-nothing-burn-fat pill, or a fidget spinner. Even the wisely-written description in your favorite restaurant’s menu is guilty of what you decide to order.

You probably had never paid attention to it, because you didn’t know it existed. But, trust me, when you finish reading this article, you will have a hard time trying to ignore copywriting.

You may or may not know the true power within it, but if you want to discover the impact this one skill can make in your business, keep reading...

Copywriting Evolution

In the past, copywriting was mostly used for direct marketing. At the times where the Internet didn’t exist, this was one of the best ways to sell your products. This is how it worked:

The mail guy appeared at your front house very early in the morning, pulled out a letter out of his bag, and placed it in your mailbox. Your curiosity arose and you would go out and check what was written in the letter. You opened it, and you read the first few words. At this very moment, you made a decision.

1. If it was something that caught your attention, you would go inside your home and finish reading it.

2. If it wasn’t relevant to you, you would immediately toss it in the garbage.

The goal of the copywriter was to make you choose the former, and if you did, it meant you had just read some tremendous copy! Imagine how hard it was to sell to a cold prospect… with just written words!

And take note that long before the internet existed, there was no way you could target specific people, record data, and build marketing campaigns based on the gathered information.

The only way you could know your marketing strategy was working was to receive phone calls from prospects asking for your product, and that’s it. If you were able to sell to cold prospects that way, you had a gift for copywriting, my friend!

These days, with all the advertising tools, online courses, and social media at the tip of our fingers, writing copy has become much more powerful, more efficient, and highly targeted. So it is that experienced copywriters call it the sniper method because you can target specifically to the people aimed to buy.

Now, the challenge is to build a profitable funnel and take prospects through the following process:

Brand aware → raving fan → buyer → repeat buyer

That’s how modern digital companies become successful. They’re able to track our activity in the Web through cookies and pixels to then use that information and place ads on our screen. These are businesses owned by smart people who leverage the power of copywriting.

It’s a MUST for every online business to hire a copywriter for their marketing activities. If you aren’t willing to invest the time and money required to hire one, then you shall not expect good results from your campaigns.

However, I must warn you, copywriting is a high-income skill, which means that whether you try to master it or hire someone to do the job for you, don’t expect prices to be cheap. Success is not for cheap people. If you’re one of them, you’re looking in the wrong place.

People often feel offended when they find out how much a copywriter charges for his services, but it’s pure ignorance. The power within a few sentences of well-written copy can bring so much value to your business that you should be ready to be charged hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Quick food for thought...

If you were to invest in hiring someone that could give you 2x, 5x, or even 10x of return on investment (ROI), would you hire him?

Well, that’s how it works with good copywriters.

Where to Use Copywriting

Copy should be used everywhere your business is displayed.

Emails, Funnels, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Adwords, Websites, Written Sales Letters, Video Sales Letters, Webinars, Forums, Groups, etc.

If you don’t know what something listed above is, I recommend you surf the web and take a look at them. If you learn to implement them correctly, they might be very useful for your business.

Hint: Some copywriters like to focus on a few of these, so, have clear in mind what you want to focus first and search for the right guy! Also, copywriters usually get paid per job, but you could easily find a full-time copywriter if you invest some time in your research.

Finding Copywriters

Marketing & advertising are growing rapidly in the digital world, and so is the need to have a copywriter in your business. It’s your job to search for the right guy and establish a win-win business relationship. Usually, a good relationship leads to better results.

Here’s a little help to qualify good copywriters:

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Retrieved from: https://expresswriters.com/what-does-a-copywriter-do-infographic/

There’s a reason why they charge what they charge…

The good news is that you can find excellent copywriters on sites such as LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Copywriters know a lot about marketing & advertising strategies. Perhaps, when looking for one, you can request a free sample or suggestions for your website. This will help you decide whether the guy is a good fit for your business or not.

Keep in mind you shouldn’t always ask for free samples or marketing advice. Doing that will only annoy the people whom you talk to. However, if you’re able to get your sample, you got yourself a chance to see how the guy works, and if you like his writing style… just imagine what his paid work looks like!

Scaling Your Business With Copywriting

Nowadays, it’s very easy to advertise to a specific segment of people… that’s why there’re tons of ads trying to get your attention...the whole time. You’re so used to it that your brain automatically filters most of them. The only ones that go through this filter are the ones you relate to or are interested in.

Attention marketers and business owners: To pass through that filter, you must follow these 3 steps…

1 - Know who is your ideal customer.

2 - Create a marketing campaign and work with a copywriter to make your sales message most relevant and appealing to your ideal customers.

3 - Make sure to display your ads to the correct people.

And if you’ll be working with a copywriter, you should be comfortable sharing “private” business information. This includes the problem you want to solve, the ideal customer you want to target, the type of ads you’re running, the type of business you are, the solution you’re offering, your back-end funnel... and so on.

The more the copywriter is familiar with your business, the better the results you will get.

Okay, so as a quick recap: We talked about what is copywriting, where can you use copy, how to find the proper copywriter for your business, and how to get the best results out of this.

Time to put some work and start selling through the art of the written word ;)

If you want to learn more about copywriting, read this.

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