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How To Craft A Potential 50%+ Conversion Opt-In Page

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Sometimes, in our eagerness to stand among our competitors, we tend to try new things we aren’t sure they’ll work. We forget about what’s proven-to-work and try to innovate when we’re just starting out, expecting to get unreal results.

It happened to me. As I met digital marketing, I wanted to have my own list and sell products as an affiliate. However, I did something wrong…

The personal development niche sounded great for me. I’ve always liked and felt excited when writing to my list about it. Not long it took me to notice there was too much competition in this niche so I wanted to do something different for my opt-in page, and I went to break some of the rules… guess what happened?

Conversions were bad. I mean BAD.

Later on, I understood the easiest way to wave your hand at your cold audience (people who don’t know you) is to provide value, showing yourself as an authority in the industry.

Great marketers start their funnel with a freebie-based opt-in page where they give something for free or a low-ticket product in exchange for people’s emails.

You may or may not know the basic structure of a successful opt-in page, but you might first want to understand why it can convert 50% or more. After you learn the tricks to greater conversions you’ll develop a healthier judgment to split test.

To get started, here’s an example of an opt-in page:

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Retrieved from https://www.leadpages.net/blog/download-our-3-highest-converting-opt-in-pages-vidt/

Looks simple, right? This illustration has the 4 main elements I want to talk about today, so I’ll make it easy for you to understand how to use them and will teach a little bit of the psychology behind. Because all of them have little secrets worth learning...

1 - Headline

Definitely the most important part of your registration page. It’s the deciding factor between people who leave and those who read on.

You have 3 seconds to grab your reader’s eyes with your headline.

What will the reader get out of it? State it in your headline. He wants to know if he’s interested in your offer. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask… if I were browsing the internet and I got to land here, would I be compelled to read further… would I sign up?

Now the qualifier – is your freebie adequate for your prospect? Specify who would benefit from it. For example, if I were to give away a report on dog training, I would write something like “How To Train Your Dog In Under 2 Weeks Without Any Treat”

A few more tips on writing magnificent headlines for your landing page:

Create excitement - Get the prospect so excited they can’t help but sign up.

Be specific - Use numbers (number 7 works best)

Use curiosity! - Just as curiosity killed the cat, it will also make people sign up.

Putting it to use…..

7 Powerful Trigger Words For Your Headline → FREE, Blueprint, Formula, Steps, System,

Profit, Discover

See? You feel the need to read on.

2 - Bullets

The same rules as the headline. Use curiosity, build that excitement and use numbers to make people want to find out those secrets you have. The purpose of bullets is to highlight benefits and build that slippery slide that leads readers to click the button.

Stay away from details. There’s no need to dive deep into your product. You’re just showing the tip of the iceberg while creating curiosity. In fact, getting into detail mode might bring bad results as there’s no more desire to know further.

Note: 3-5 bullets work best – no more than 3 lines each.

3 - Image of Freebie

Remember the opt-in page I showed you earlier? An image displaying your freebie at the left of the screen works great for opt-in pages. In this case, the image is perfect. It’s big, high-quality and eye-catching.

You might need a designer for this, but it’s not necessary. It just takes a little ability to create a good-looking cover for your report, e-book, or any other type of freebie you’re featuring.

Now, what should you offer for FREE? ← (Use the word “FREE” 3-4 times along your page. It’s the most powerful world in persuasive language!)

I recommend you start with a digital report as it costs nothing and it’s very easy to create.

However, if you’ve already been in the business for a while and you’re looking to offer a low-ticket product as an entry to your funnel, that’s a whole different story requiring different marketing strategies. For now, let’s focus on freebies.

Why do you think the image is pointing towards the right? Believe me, it was positioned this way on purpose.

When you see the image (which you’re intended to do so), you scan it and naturally start reading the text at the right because the image is guiding you to do so. You don’t think about it, you just do it because it’s ingrained in your brain.

Don’t think it makes a difference? Split test an opt-in page using a straight image vs an image leading to the text. You’ll see the difference.

4 - Button

You’ve realized how important each of the previous elements is, haven’t you? And this one isn’t the exception. You could count with a marvelous headline, awesome bullets, a professionally designed image, but if you mess things up with the button, you ain’t getting the lead.

You might toss an entire opt-in page away when it could be a matter of changing the button’s font. Yes, let me tell you even the font and the color of your button affect conversions.

Don’t ponder about what to write in your CTA (button). Use the words “Instant Access” in it, they work perfectly. In my first opt-in page, I used “Get Instant Access” and it worked for a 54% conversion rate! As you get better and better with these landing pages, you’ll develop a natural ability to do some tweaks with finesse.

But if you want to get more creative, then start split testing different buttons, including font, font color, background color, etc.

Remember that split testing is the teacher of every marketer, so instead of having just one version of your opt-in page, combine different elements and see which one works


Guaranteed – split test & optimize. Rinse & repeat. It’s the only to upscale your conversion rate.

Warning: Just as split testing is good, it can also make you lose money and leads, so be careful how you use it.


Did you see the little lock below the button? Look out for the red arrows 👇

#optimization #marketing #digitalmarketing #copywriting #entrepreneur #landingpage
Retrieved from https://www.leadpages.net/blog/download-our-3-highest-converting-opt-in-pages-vidt/

Well, this simple element makes people feel more confident, resulting in more leads. Use it in every opt-in page.


If you have a couple of testimonials, split test them at the bottom of your opt-in page.

And watch out for the scrolling! People shouldn’t be able to scroll, otherwise, they’ll lose focus on the action you want them to take. So try not to use too much space with your testimonials.

Until next time,

Alonso Lozano


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