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7 Tactics To Build Your Copywriting Foundation

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Welcome to the right place to become a copywriter of influence. For the next few minutes, you’ll learn deep insights worth keeping in mind when writing copy.

Copywriting is way more complex than it was a few years ago. We’re moving to an era where businesses are likely to stop looking for growth and start focusing on keeping their market share. As competitiveness rises day-by-day, hour-by-hour, getting people’s attention is getting way too expensive.

What’s the phenomenon behind the scenes? Human behavior is changing.

The consumer is different than it was 5 years ago… even much different than a year ago.

You don’t need to look at the following stats to prove it, but go ahead and check them out…

Retrieved from https://wearesocial.com/blog/2017/03/incredible-growth-internet-past-five-years-explained-detail

Retrieved from https://wearesocial.com/blog/2017/03/incredible-growth-internet-past-five-years-explained-detail

There's a never-ending trend of people moving towards the digital world. That means every day more people interact through social media, browse for content, buy online, etc. The modern consumer looks up everything on the web, thus being more informed.

So beware that everyone who buys from you will first research you.

Today’s consumer won’t buy because of traditional advertising methods. Spamming your prospects with ads to make them think they need your product doesn’t work anymore.

Why? Because we humans are emotionally driven.

We won’t buy from people we don’t know, and we will only pay attention to what we can relate to. That’s why being pushy around to get the sale isn’t the strategy anymore. If you want to know how to deal with the modern consumer, you need to learn to write copy.

So, here goes the 1st tactic to build your copywriting foundation...

1) The Consumer Wants Control

Today’s consumer wants you to help him, not force him to buy something. This new consumer wants FREE content, wants to know if he can trust you, and to achieve that you need to establish a relationship. The golden rule... give away tons of valuable and 100% veridical content.

If what you share turns out to be misleading or misinterpreted, your credibility will go down the drain. No matter how long you’ve been building that relationship, all it takes is one single mistake for your credibility to be gone… along with your reputation.

Credibility is very hard to earn back, so make sure your FREE content is valuable and 100% true. You’ll make yourself a big favor.

When it’s time to promote your offer (after establishing a relationship), remember people like to feel in control. You want to make them think it’s their idea to buy from you. Here’s where the copywriting magic is needed. That’s why it’s important to...

2) Research

Do your research! Copywriting is more about the research than the actual writing. Acquire that knowledge from the infinite tools you have at the tip of your fingers. If you want to become a copywriter of influence and show your authority in the industry, you should know 2 things:

1 - How to Write Intelligent Copy

Search the top copywriters, subscribe to their newsletters and read ALL their emails.Enter every funnel you can and observe how you’re being retargeted through Facebook, Youtube, or Google Adwords.On the street, look at the billboards and ask yourself: How could this ad be improved? Adopt the copywriting mindset. Have a swipe file with examples of good emails, sales letters, ads, etc., as well as bad content to know how NOT to write copy.

2 - Your Audience’s Interests, Language, and Needs

Research your audience! The language you use in your sales message should easily be understood by your market, and that requires audience research.

Ask yourself: Which words or phrases are the most appealing to my target audience?

Include those KEYWORDS in your copy. Here are some examples:

Digital Business Owners: eCommerce, sales, boost your website, FREE traffic, targeted marketing

Email Marketers: Copy that sells, leads, open rate, autoresponders

Freelancers: Working less for more, get more clients, get better clients, your own schedule

Struggling to find what your audience wants? Make a survey and ask your customers about it. No beating around the bush needed. Go straight to the point, people will appreciate it.

For example, Starbucks has a website designed to bring new coffee drink ideas to their menu. People submit their ideas and the best one gets it to the menu! What an awesome and simple way to give your customers what they want… while minimizing risk!

See the power of research?

3) Get specific!

The more specific you are with your copy, the more credible you’ll be perceived. (Don’t make false declarations. You might get into deep trouble...)

We’ve all seen the “Lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks with this do-nothing-burn-fat pill” ad.

Believe it or not, people still buy this stuff! But there’s a reason behind… there’s a psychological impact within this headline. The fact that it mentions a specific weight you’d lose and the time it’ll take you to get the promised result makes the ad more credible.

Here’s an example of a well-crafted headline (using specificity) against an average one.


“FREE Training: 7 Steps On How To Generate $2,347 Within A Month As A Digital Marketer (No Previous Experience Needed)”


“FREE Training: How To Become A Digital Marketer (No Previous Experience Needed)”

Got it? The more specific you are, the better the results. In fact, even the numbers you place in your headlines make a difference. Note: Odd numbers work the best, and number 7 is the most responsive.

4) You’ve Got to Sell Through Value

He who wants to seal the deal without providing value first won’t succeed. Make sure to give as much FREE content as you can, and people will feel the need to give you something in return... usually the sale. It’s called the reciprocity effect.

To highlight the importance of giving value, here's what Juan Lombana, from the top 22 digital marketers in the world according to Google, said:

“The marketing’s objective is that your clients get the most value. That brings the sale.”

The following strategy will help you add value to your audience while subconsciously pushing them to buy from you.

5) Create A YES Funnel

Crafting a yes funnel is the art of having the users say “yes” in their head every time you ask, show, or tell them something, while making them feel in control. This funnel is used to monetize your content.

Ask people to comment in your posts, to share your articles, to answer a survey (great for your research), to subscribe to your list, etc, etc. Having people say “yes” the whole time to you will keep them interested in your offer. Also called as the micro-commitment effect, the more “yeses”, the more people will trust and buy from you.

6) Write Customer-Driven Copy

Here’s where research wins the game. Failing to write in your audience’s language will result in poor engagement. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think like them. Identify their needs and their pain points, and acknowledge them in your copy.

Remember that the customer is always looking for the WIIFM factor. (What’s In It For Me) You should tell the audience what they want to hear… without lying. Avoid using fancy words to look more “professional”. We humans are lazy… we don’t like to think, and if we’re up to reading something, we expect to understand what’s going on.

Consider the following questions to captivate your audience:

How will your product or service make their lives easier?

What challenges can you help them overcome?

What needs can you satisfy?

How will they benefit from your offer? (Again, the WIIFM)

7) Tell Stories

Have you ever wondered why Pixar movies are so successful? The secret lies in storytelling.

I recently read an article that talked about why Pixar's films are very successful. I went to discover that they use the following structure for their films:

Once upon a time, there was [blank]. Every day, [blank]. One day [blank]. Because of that, [blank]. Until finally [bank]. There’s nothing special behind! You and I could easily do that. The challenge is to write the story effectively.

“Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly move an audience.” - Brian G. Peters

The purpose of storytelling is to connect with your audience. The greatest stories are the ones who appeal to our deepest emotions.

Here’s a great tip to writing compelling stories: Talk conversationally, just as if you were telling the story to a friend and use the word “you” whenever you can. You’ll also find good adding enough details so that your audience can visualize themselves in your position.Keep in mind great stories are SIMPLE and FOCUSED, so you should follow the rising action, climax, and resolution concept.Lastly, make sure your story is as easy to read and follow as possible. You want your audience to read until the end.

There you have it, 7 tactics that will help you build your copywriting foundation. Hope you dug the most value out of this article. If you did so, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’ll be more than glad to read and answer them!

Also, share the article with the people you know might benefit the most! I’m sure they’ll thank you for it, and you would do me a big favor by letting me share the message with more people.

To your copywriting success,






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