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7-Strategy Master Guide to Email Marketing

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Marketers reach a point where email marketing needs to be delegated. Their time is so valuable not even a huge earner like email is worth spending their time on.

I’m not saying all marketers do it, yet some would rather delegate it to their trained staff and worry about heavier business.

Favorably, the 21st century has rewarded humanity with email automation.

Just as a building a website drains loads of time but stands as an asset forever, so does email automation take time to craft, yet it’s a lifelong asset earning you passive income.

A website might require maintenance and email might need optimization. However, both represent huge earnings when built up smartly.

Chances are the marketer who uses email for edutainment (education + entertainment) gains a notable advantage over those who don’t.

Ultimately, the marketer who uses the 7-Strategy Master Plan to Email Marketing you’re about to discover surely steps-up ahead of his competitors.

A quick note before we begin:

I’m not a mind-reader nor anything likewise… yet I’m 99.9% sure someone has told you…

“Email marketing is hard.”

“Emil marketing is trash.”

“Email marketing doesn’t work.”

Etc, etc, etc…

Pushing you back from it.

We all have a natural desire to shut these people’s mouth proving them wrong.

So please, if you got someone like that in your life, do 3 things for me :)

1. Own this master guide and EARN tons of cash with email marketing.

2. Next time you see that person, tell them how well you’re doing :))

3. Share this guide with him/her and your network.

Okay… the second one is a little bit childish. But do share this guide with anyone you think might benefit IMMENSELY from it.

Email Marketing Strategy #1 - Leverage Copywriting

Is this even a strategy?

The art of email marketing wouldn’t be successful without leveraging written persuasion.

So yes, it’s a strategy… and skill also. You might want to learn at least the basics ASAP.

In order to empathize with your email list, identify their most common problems and provide solutions with your offers, you need to master copywriting.

As marketers, persuading becomes a natural ability. It engrains in our thinking, thus we always ask ourselves how to get people to do whatever we ask them to.

Yes, copywriting is overly powerful, so using it for good should be your focus.

Email Marketing Strategy #2 - Vary Emails

Your inbox is filled up with 3 types of emails:

1) Content

Emails centered on transmitting valuable information. Typically, these are the eyepoint of

a responsive email list.

2) Story

I’m sure you’re familiar with storytelling. Either at the movies, reading books, or chatting with your best friends… storytelling is part of us!

Unfortunately, only a few have adequate principles to tell compelling stories that drive action.

I can’t let you start implementing the coming strategies without taking a look at this. It teaches 5 tactics to write high-converting stories. Make sure they’re part of your emails.


You might think this is the most important type of email because here’s where you get the money... Wrong! Promotional emails aren’t meant to sell (landing pages take care of sales).

No joke, I guarantee content and story-based emails pre-sell better than promotional emails.

Consumers automatically block promotional headers. It’s when you learn how to write the 4th type of email that you pass through this filter unperceived.

4) Hybrid

A mixed email:

Content + Story | Story + Promotion | Promotion + Content

Mix the type of emails you send. If day 1 you send a story-based email, then move to content the next day… then hybrid, etc.

Your email sequence should flow with ease…

copywriting email flow Alonso Lozano

I wrote an entire article that teaches in-depth how these types of emails best work to monetize your list. You’d probably want to take a look.

Email Marketing Strategy #3 - Autoresponders

Autoresponders are scheduled emails triggered when someone does a specific action.

Let’s say I contact customer support and instantly receive an email with my ticket. That’s an autoresponder.

autoresponder example

Or I send you an email when you’re off vacation and I get an automated response telling me why you can’t answer at the time and when you’re back.

Autoresponders are incredibly easy to create. All it takes is an email service provider (like the ones we discussed on step #2).

Email Marketing Strategy #4 - Email Flows

Imagine you’re lost on an island where there’s no signal except for the top of the mountain. You find a map that leads you to it… step by step and curiously detailed.

Couldn’t ask for more, right?

That map is your email flow - and your welcome series is an email flow!

They’re a series of emails sent when performed a specific action. You could call it an upgrade of autoresponders.

Remember I shared how I doubled my client’s website revenue within 1 month? Yup, I used a 10-email flow (1 email per day).

Perhaps, curiosity was my best friend. The trick lies in sneak peeking what’s coming the next day to ensure high open rates.

Would you want access to the email sequence I used? The fact that you’ve read this far shows me you’re committed, so here you go. You can find it halfway through.

Main Benefits

  • Automate your business

  • Create evergreen flows and have a stream of passive income

  • Pay a few dollars a month for an undeniable ROI

Abandonment Cart

“What if you could magically change prospects’ minds to come back and buy from you… without having to hover on the phone or reach them personally?”

Okay… that sub-header might work pretty well on a marketing campaign ;)

Today, there’s no excuse for skipping abandonment cart series. Especially if your business is eCommerce.

When prospects add items to their cart, start checking out, and they don’t fulfill the order… boy, you can’t lose that sale.

You’d be making your prospect a disservice.

Let your prospect know their cart is waiting for them. Use scarcity to urge action. Offer discounts, coupons, or free shipping.

Be careful not to give BIG discounts… your products might be perceived as cheap.

My 3 abandonment cart emails for Shopify:

1 hour after abandonment: Offer 10% discount expiring in 24 hours

5 hours before the coupon expired: 15% discount expiring in 5 hours

1 hour before the coupon expired: 20% discount & last chance.

Feel free to use my strategy and keep track of vital metrics… more on that later.

Email Marketing Strategy #5 - Email Campaigns

When people subscribe to your list, they expect to know what they’ll be getting from you, so you better tell them upfront about how you work.

What happens after subscribers finish the welcome series?

You use email campaigns.

Email campaigns are regular emails you write and send to your list or a segment of your list.

We want to keep a close relationship with our audience… this business model isn’t about

10 emails and we stop. Building a strong relationship requires time and consistency.

So you should send MINIMUM 3 emails per week.

Some marketers recommend daily emails, while others prefer one single email per week.

I personally like sending daily emails, because here’s the trick…

Your audience won’t get tired of you if you respect the 70/30 rule.

Sending 70% content and 30% promotion. Besides, we already discussed how varying emails increases conversions.

Email Marketing Strategy #6 - Triggers

When you’re creating email flows, campaigns, etc., you set triggers to let the software bot know an email address should start receiving specific emails.

Email providers will ask you to add a given code to your website to track vital metrics.

Let’s say you have an awesome exit popup on your website with an opt-in form. Then, I visit your site and opt-in. That’s a trigger.

So, Klaviyo, for example, has a wide variety of triggers…

If I click “what someone has done (or not done)”, a submenu is displayed.

Then, I choose which event fires the trigger and Woahla! Trigger set!

Here’s how I used triggers for a copywriting gig:

When someone subscribed to Newsletter, they entered the flow. Then, if they had placed an order, they’d go for the left path… otherwise, they went for the right path.

Email flows and autoresponders work like this. They need triggers to allocate people.


You might feel overwhelmed at this moment… and you SHOULD. I’ve shared with you so much…

That’s a good signal, though. It means you’re learning new stuff.

Email Marketing Strategy #7 - A/B Testing

I’m about to share a gossipy strategy that tells you what works and what doesn’t - against your will.

I’m kidding… but yeah, it will be your first-man advisor for anything you aren’t sure it works.

A/B Testing (split testing).

How does it work with email marketing? You create 2 versions of an email, slightly different from each other, and you want to prove which one earns you more money, or which one gets more opens, etc.

What can you split test?

  • Subject lines

  • Messaging

  • Call-to-action

  • Personalization (“Hey Alonso”, or “Hello Alonso”)

  • Landing page

  • Target audience

  • Sender name

  • Design

  • Images

So you tell your email provider you want to split test. The first version is sent to half of your subscribers, whilst the second one goes for the rest.

Track the process and compare results. Analyze which one worked better and keep the finest performer, no hard feelings.

You see? A/B testing is like a board of advisors.

An example of how I could split test my website

split testing Alonso Lozano

Marketers split test often to improve their strategies, so why shouldn’t you?

Wrapping Up

The 7 strategies you just learned make email marketing an all-powerful tool and a must-have. If you're looking to expand your knowledge and ability to earn big money, go to my blog and read the articles I've published.

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As a copywriter, I find email to be one of the most entertaining and interesting branches of marketing.

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Anyways, success lies in the battlefield. I urge you to keep learning from my blog, taking notes, and grasping every piece of content you can.

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Until next time,

Keep. Pushing. Forward.

Alonso Lozano

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